Private Sessions

You may prefer to have a private Birth Preparation session.

This may be because you have a particular focus of interest around an aspect of birth that you wish to explore in-depth, or, you may have had a complication identified at antenatal visits that you wish to explore more deeply.

Many people find it easier to book a date and time that suits their calendar rather than attend one of the scheduled group courses, classes or workshops.

Darwin FIFO workers, in particular, find the Private Birth preparation sessions fit well with their work situation.  Whatever the reason your needs can easily be accommodated.

Private courses offer a unique environment where you and your birth support person can enter freely into dialogue with your course facilitator, ask questions at any time and have one hundred percent freedom to express your thoughts and emotions about your personal and unique pregnancy, birth and parenting journey.  All Childbirth Education Associations educators are passionate advocates for women being able to make confident, informed decisions and truly care about each woman’s birth journey

If you do not have your own specific topics we will ask you to review the Birth Preparation Course outline and choose the topics you are most interested in.  The course facilitator will cover these topics first and then go from there.


Private sessions are for a minimum of two hours and a maximum of four hours in one sitting.


CEA Office, Nightcliff Community Centre


$80 per hour


If you are interested in attending Private Sessions but have questions about the suitability for your due date, your support person's availability or combining it with other CEA workshops please email: