Infant Sleep & Settling Workshop

Infant Sleep & Settling Workshop

Once you have your baby, sleep and settling become the number one hot topic for every new parent. All the information presented in this workshop is evidence based and there is NO SLEEP TRAINING.

Ideal for those who have recently birthed or are pregnant. Online course so it's easy for those with very young infants to attend as well as partners.

The topics covered include:
* The differences between adult and baby sleep cycles
* Why your baby needs help to fall asleep and then continue sleeping
* Skills to help your baby fall asleep and continue to sleep through more than one sleep cycle
* What a baby’s optimal sleep environment looks like
* One size does not fit all - recognising your baby’s individual sleep needs
* What sleep changes to expect throughout the first six months of life
* Common ways babies communicate that they are tired and need to sleep
* How to respond to well-meaning friends and relatives who have advice about sleep that doesn’t    fit your philosophy or intuition
* How to stay calm and relaxed if your baby doesn’t sleep when you hoped he or she would
* How to get enough sleep yourself through the early weeks and months of parenting
* Where to go for more evidence-based resources

Infant Sleep & Settling Details:


Thursday 8th December 2022

6:30pm to 7:30pm


Online via Zoom.  To make it easier for those who have recently birthed we are keeping this one online.



We will contact you via email within two to three days with payment details once you submit your booking form.

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