Our aim is that you have a positive birth experience


Early Pregnancy Workshop

This workshop is for women and their birth partners who are early in their pregnancy or planning to conceive in the near future. Participants will receive in-depth information to help make important choices that impact the experience of pregnancy and birth. Before 16 weeks is ideal but people are welcome at any stage of pregnancy if they are unsure of their options and have questions that need answering.

Generally, couples find out they are pregnant, then start asking what their options are for antenatal care and birth. It can be difficult to receive clear, unbiased information about the various alternatives. This workshop provides up-to-date, Darwin, Palmerston and rural area specific, material so you can make informed choices about your health, antenatal care, birth education and support.

Our aim is that this knowledge will help you move through your pregnancy choices with calm and confidence.

Topics Covered Include

  • Re-framing Pregnancy and Birth after a lifetime of media imagery – a ‘new’ perspective
  • What is a ‘model of care’? Why is choosing the right one important? How is this likely to impact my experience of pregnancy and birth?
  • Antenatal care and place of birth options in Darwin/Palmerston and Rural – a look at the different philosophies and practical considerations of each venue
  • The language of pregnancy and birth – help with understanding terminology used by care providers and how the language you use can change your experience
  • Understanding the importance of your babies due date
  • Decision making techniques & tools for pregnancy and birth
  • Nutrition, exercise and general wellbeing in pregnancy
  • Managing stress and self-care
  • Birth planning
  • Postpartum planning
  • Local birth education options
  • Local pregnancy, birth and postpartum support options
  • Planning/purchasing equipment for your baby
  • Questions
  • Resources

Early Pregnancy/First Trimester Workshop Details


There are currently no scheduled dates for this workshop.  Please contact the office info@ceadarwin.asn.au for alternatives that suit your estimated due date.


Meeting Room at the Nightcliff Community Centre


$80 for two participants

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

If you are interested in attending the Early Pregnancy Workshop but have questions about the suitability for your due date, your support person's availability or combining it with other CEA workshops please email: info@ceadarwin.asn.au