Our aim is that you have a positive birth experience


Birth Basics Workshop

An information packed 3 hour workshop covering the basics on important topics around labour and birth. This session is designed to give you and your partner a condensed introduction to this immensely transformative time in life. Our hope is that you will then be motivated to learn more about your areas of interest and approach birth with greater confidence and clarity.

Local resources and further education and support options will be discussed to help you decide on your next step.

Some of the topics discussed include

  • Birth and Pregnancy as normal life events
  • Birth and fear
  • Birth physiology 101 – the stages of labour
  • Your amazing hormones – your greatest ally for labour and birth
  • The importance of the birth environment – how to create calm in any setting
  • Coping techniques - Active Birth, Hypnobirthing and other great tools
  • Understanding Induction
  • Understanding Pharmaceutical Pain Relief Options
  • Birth planning – why and how, template provided
  • The role of the support person/people
  • Further learning and resources
  • Question and discussion time

Workshop Details


None of these workshops scheduled at this time


CEA Office, Nightcliff Community Centre


$80 per Couple

If you are interested in attending the Birth Basics Workshop but have questions about the suitability for your due date, your support person's availability or combining it with other CEA workshops please email: info@ceadarwin.asn.au