Active Birth Workshop


An Active Birth is instinctive, following the spontaneous, natural progression of labour and birth.

As the term 'Active Birth' suggests, this approach promotes walking around, remaining upright (where possible), choosing positions for labour and birth that improve personal comfort and finding ways to relax that feel right for each individual.

The benefits of choosing an Active Birth include; a reduced chance of medical interventions, a shorter labour time, less painful labour,  more satisfying labour, better oxygen flow to the baby, best use of gravity and increased involvement for birth partners.

The Active Birth Workshop allows participants to:

  • Observe demonstrations and have ample time to practice various birth positions with guidance
  • Learn in detail the benefits of positioning
  • Review the stages of labour that different positions/activities and breathing exercises suit best
  • Practice using birthing tools such as vocalisation, movement, stress balls, birth balls, shower, birth pool, massage, pressure points, bean bags & Tens machine
  • Learn to work with your contractions and gravity
  • Explore how to remain active during foetal monitoring
  • Learn how to reduce the risk of tearing by using optimal positioning and breathing as your baby is born
  • Birth partners will learn more about their important role – how to encourage, not sympathise, how to help your partner change positions/activities, the use of heat packs, massage, pressure points and being the interface with others at the birth.

The workshop is suited to:

  • First-time parents
  • VBAC families
  • Those having subsequent babies who would like more skills
  • For those who have already completed birth preparation classes it’s a chance to extend the birth skills and natural pain management sections of the course
  • Those who have done a HypnoBirthing or Calm Birth course and wish to explore more techniques
  • Couples wishing to strengthen their connection and ‘team-build’ as part of their birth experience

This workshop is taught by Midwife Lisa Pascoe. Lisa has a Bachelor of Nursing, Master of Science - (Midwifery), Graduate Certificate in Emergency Nursing and is a IBCLC and Birth Educator. Her belief in active birth is based on research, observations while providing midwifery care and personal experience while birthing her own three children.

Maximum Participants for this Workshop is Eight Couples

Workshop Dates


Sorry, No Active Birth Workshops are Currently Scheduled


Nightcliff Community Centre. CEA Office


$120 for two people

We will contact you via email with payment details within two to three working days after you submit this form

If you are interested in attending the Active Birth Workshop but have questions about the suitability for your due date, your support person's availability or combining it with other CEA workshops please email: